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The main ideas for BBN were gleaned from a highly successful forum in one of the wealthiest parts of the US; Montecito, Santa Barbara in California, inhabited by billionaires and some of the worlds highest achievers. Properties here sell for $10-120 million.

The network was founded on four key principles: integrity, accountability, generosity and mutuality. Since it's inception in 2005 it has helped hundreds of budding entrepreneurs and generated a lively interest amongst mentors and investors.

The general ethos can be defined as a "spirit of generosity" which (sad to say) these days too few British businesses understand. It evolves from a pioneer mentality and is a lot to do with suffering.

For our purposes we have taken what we consider to be the most relevant concepts of the American model and adapted them for cultural relevance*. It has been, we felt, at least worth a try!

>> The principles & benefits of the network

*This is not meant to sound condescending to our US friends who will read this. Truth is we don't have many (any?) billionaires living in Bosham, not that many in the whole of the UK either!



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