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About the Bosham Business Network (BBN).

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  • BBN could be likened to a cooperative form of "dragons den": Certainly opportunities may be found and funded for significant returns, but the main focus of the network is mentoring.

    The network is in the process of being established by a team of advisors working with Tony Black, a local resident who is also the "webservant" for this community website. In addition there are a number of friends advising (indeed, mentoring) from 'across the pond', whence the idea originated.

    It is recognised by all that integrity and transparency are vital to the success of the network. The network will be overseen by the Board to whom Tony is making himself and the processes of BBN fully accountable.

    At the time of writing (Apr 09) the advisors are being invited from amongst some of the most successful business people and professionals in Bosham, from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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