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Tours of Bosham by expert tour Guides

Guided Tours of Bosham.

We offer tours to suit all ages and interests. From the historical aspects of Roman settlement; the last Saxon Kings of England through to the modern era - or on a lighter hearted journey through the ages where stories abound of Viking invaders, mad monks, sinking bells and yarns that will delight the kids.

Most tours last around 2 hours but can be adapted to meet your requirements. Refreshments can be arranged from light snacks to fine cuisine dining. There is plenty of parking available for cars and tour buses. Whatever your needs we can guarantee you a fun and informative tour of our beautiful village.

Please contact us for more details and availability or see below for the different types of tours and groups that we can cater to. Thank you.

Guided Tours for families.

We know that families with children don't necessarily want all the historical facts and figures and so we have designed a tour with kids in mind too.

This doesn't mean there won't be history, there will - but in a fun way that informs, delights and tantalises their vivid imaginations. Stories abound of Viking invaders, mad monks, sinking bells and pirates. Quizzes and fun challenges are set!

This tour normally lasts around 90 minutes. Other activities can be also be arranged for your children such as pot-making or jewellery making with beads in the local craft centre - and much more.

Guided Tours for Groups - large or small.

We much enjoy giving tours to large or small groups. Questions abound and inter-activity is the key to making your guided tour both fun and informative.

This tour normally lasts between 1-1/2 - 2 hours and is completely flexible to your requirements and interests. You can request the type of tour you would like to have and the any specific place you would like to visit.

Historical Guided Tours of Bosham

Normally this tour takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours but it can be shorter or longer depending on your requirements. Here are some of the details behind the places you can choose see highlighted and discussed on your tour.

Romans: 1st century. Vespasian, commander 2nd Legion (Later Emperor) landed in Bosham in 42AD. Water, trade. Roman Palace. Chichester.
Monk Dicul  7th Century
St Wilfred 7th Century Benedictine Monastery.
Bosham Church - Bayeaux Tapestry. King's Burial.
Bosanhamm 8th Century 750 AD established commerce
Oysters. House. Fishing - Raptackle
Frequent Saxon Invasions 800 onwards
The Bosham Bell  - 9th Century (Alfred the Great times)
King Canute & daughter: 994 - 1035ad
King Harold II: & 1066 Hastings.
King William: took on Bosham as one of the few places: "Boseham"
Plague & Men of Bosham. 1665

Please contact us for details and availability

Thank you.




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