Gardens open day

Bosham Gardens Open Day Sunday, 7th June 2024

Bosham, Chichester, Sussex. 11am to 5pm


A small, picturesque village on one of the small inlets of Chichester harbour, Bosham is renowned for its ancient church, as well as its historic links with King Canute, King Harold and the Bayeux Tapestry.

This biennial event offers a rare opportunity to visit many private gardens in and around Bosham Village. Whatever your gardening interests, there is something of interest for everyone:

- waterside gardens featuring coastal and wind-tolerant plants
- beautiful harbour views
- more sheltered gardens in the village in a wide variety of styles and sizes
- rose gardens
- herbaceous borders
- vegetable gardens
- container planting
- water features
- plant sales
- afternoon teas served in a garden featuring an former outdoor theatre

All proceeds will go to a newly-appointed charity for this event, The Cure Parkinsonís Trust 

£5.00 per adult.

Further information:

Bosham is situated about four miles west of Chichester. Head into Bosham village from the A259 and follow signs to the car park.

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