Bridge meadow


Who, where and what are we?

The re-routing of the old A27 in the 1970s, left a small island of land of approximately 1 1/2 acres between the main A259 and Old Bridge Road at the Swan Roundabout , now known as Old Bridge MeadowIn 1999 the Friends of Old Bridqe Meadow was formed by local residents to manage the area on behalf of the Parish Council. The aim is to develop a wildflower meadow with recreational areas on either side of the millstream, and also provide an encouraging habitat for butterflies and birds.

What we do:

A young native species hedge has been planted to augment the fencing on the Main Road and copse areas and includes crab apple, whitebeam and dog rose. Various saplings have been planted, donated by individuals, and also varieties of old Sussex apple trees in recognition of the county's orchard heritage. Wildflower plant plugs (many grown from seed by local residents but some purchased with generous help from the Chichester District Council Bio Diversity Fund) have been planted to supplement those already established together with wild daffodil bulbs (we avoid garden varieties to keep a more natural effect).Seats by the stream were financed by local businesses. The Southbourne Lions Club paid for and installed the seating area and two felled tree trunks, one carved like a crocodile, have been given by neighbours for the children to clamber on.

If you want to know more about the exciting developments on Old Bridge Meadow, next time you negotiate the White Swan roundabout, park in Old Bridge Road and have a look at the board.
Want to qet involved?

We welcome ideas and comments, and particularly support by Annual Subscription of 2.00 p.a. or Life Membership of 25 (30 for a couple). Subscribers receive a periodic newsletter. Funds are mainly used for buying seeds, plants, tree scions etc and employing skilled heavy maintenance work like tree surgery. Most work is done by our voluntary task-force and we are glad of offers of help

Further information: Please contact:
Hon. Chairman Brian Currell 01243 573596
Hon. Secretary Rachel Smith 01243 574238

We welcome feed-back!

We are immensely grateful for all the help and encouragement we have already received from residents, businesses, and organisations in Bosham and further afield. We hope more people will want to join us, and that you will visit and enjoy Old Bridge Meadow!