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Bosham Bell ringers

Bells-Up of Bosham
A Dr. Cameron of Cambridge approached the village via his son & daughter in law in the middle of 1997 and published an article in the Bosham Life. 

He had acquired these bells many years ago from the estate of a lady of Bosham and had tried, unsuccessfully, to find a group to ring them. He particularly wanted to hear them ringing at Christmas time.   

Dr Cameron offered them back to the village if the village could put a team together. Several members of Holy Trinity Church responded to this challenge and a team was formed. They did indeed ‘ring that Christmas’ and played at the Children’s Christmas Eve Service and then, to accompany the traditional, ‘Mulled Wine & Mince Pies’ after the 9:30 service on the following Sunday. We were privileged that Dr. Cameron traveled down from Cambridge to join us for the latter performance and so his lifelong wish was granted. The Bells date back to the middle of the last century and are still in tune to this day!   

The team rehearse every Thursday evening in the Holy Trinity Church, Bosham starting at 7:00 p.m. Visitors are always welcome. 
Since that time we have purchased, with donations from members of the parish, a set of BellePlates to help develop the interest and skills of the youngsters of the village. These are similar to the bells in style and technique, but are lighter and more suitable to younger players. We see this as a training ground for those who wish to progress to playing with the Handbells with the senior team. There are now two such groups. 
Whilst we do purchase some of our music from the national association ‘HandBell Ringers of Great Britain’, we also produce many of our own arrangements. These include modern church songs, hymns and traditional carols as well as popular items from the contemporary repertoire such as film & show themes. Invariably this old art form includes a selection of lighter, classical music with a repertoire ranging from Bach to Pacabell pausing at Handel, Hank Williams and Lloyd-Webber on the way.

Contact:- John Beck 
Telephone:- 572829